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Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Hazelnut Flavored Coffee

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Hazelnut-Flavored — The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Is there anything more indulgent than a cup of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Hazelnut Coffee to get your day started? The hazelnut blend has a rich, slightly nutty flavor distinctive from anything else. You can become giddy from anticipating the full-bodied taste with a bold finish when you smell our medium roast K pods brewing. 

You may want to prepare more than one cup to enjoy that delicious hazelnut coffee smell. The unique, nutty flavor makes for a decadent drink you can enjoy every morning. 

A Healthy Choice for Your Morning Coffee

Can coffee be good for you and good for the environment? Our coffee is. Each pod is made in a green facility, and you can recycle the packaging. Our pods are compatible with many diets so that more people can get a taste. Our K pods are: 

  • Keto friendly. 
  • Vegan. 
  • Gluten-free.

We also make them without sugar while maintaining a sweet taste that you can treat yourself to at any time. Our K pods are zero calories, allowing you to drink more than one happily. 

A Special Treat Any Time of Day

Many of our customers enjoy turning our Keurig-compatible K pods into iced coffee. You can brew the cup over ice or hot, then add sweetener or cream. You will enjoy sipping on your cold beverage as you finish a leisurely afternoon of reading or wrap up a few work tasks at the end of the day. Our freshly roasted beans are hand-selected before being brewed, and you will appreciate their outstanding taste. 

Place your order for our Hazelnut K pods and save 25% immediately when you purchase a subscription. Join today to receive regular deliveries of our 24-count boxes, so you will always have enough to enjoy. 


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