Your own variety pack sampler (Cups sold seperatley)


Create your own variety pack. Just add any cups that you want (choose 4 cups at a time or more from each item in the product page) and choose quantity.

Your price is per 4 cups and you can combine items from any brand you like.

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Dee 18th Oct 2017

Picking your own, what a concept!

This is what I love about Perfect Samplers and why I continually come back, for one they save my previous order, so I can simply "order again" the same ones, or I can add to it. I love that they have such a wide array of products and such a wide array of DECAF products as I can't have caffeine. The prices are great, and being able to pick a few flavors to try instead of hitting the store, buying box of 10 and not liking it. I love the convenience and such fast shipping. I can order on a sunday and have my coffee by Wednesday.

Eric 26th Aug 2017

Stock up on variety

A great way to experience different blends or flavors and to experience ones you may never had tried before without having to spend a lot. A nice opportunity to perhaps find new coffees that you would reorder in the future.

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