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Decaf Cinnamon French Toast Flavored Coffee Pods

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Decaf Cinnamon French Toast

Craving a massive jolt of coffee flavor with no caffeine? Discover our delicious Decaf Cinnamon French Toast flavor! This K cup® brewer compatible coffee is a perfect solution for all your decaf coffee needs. Brew up a mug of these K pods any time, day or night. You’ll get tons of sweetness, richness and spice without the caffeine boost. 

Enjoy the decadent taste of cinnamon french toast and a hint of maple syrup whenever you’re in the mood.

Join the Decaf Flavor Nation Population at Crazy Cups

You don’t have to have caffeine to love everything about flavored coffees. Crazy Cups presents a full-scale lineup of decaf choices, including our Decaf Cinnamon French Toast coffee variety. That way, you can have a warm or iced coffee anytime without caffeine, calories, gluten, allergens or sweeteners.

There’s more to love about our Keurig compatible coffee pods, including:

  • Perfect roasts: We’ve loaded 30% more coffee into every recyclable capsule we sell. That translates to a deeper brew with tons more flavor. 
  • Friendly support: The Coffee Concierge Team is open for business and ready to answer your bean-related questions. Get in touch and we’ll share our expertise right away!
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee: We’re sure you’ll love your decaf french toast coffee and other products from Crazy Cups. In case there’s a hiccup, our Crazy Cups Pledge covers you. 

Ready to drink up some decaf coffee that our Flavor Nation has called some of the best cinnamon-style coffee around? Order Decaf Cinnamon French Toast K pods, and check out our subscription to get fresh coffee pods delivered to your door every month. Sign up today and save 25% immediately. Place your order today to get started!

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