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Higgins & Burke Bergamia Grey Loose Leaf tea Single Serve Cups

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    • Loose Leaf tea brings a new eco-consciousness to single-serve with the EcoCup recyclable capsule; It?s the first capsule to use clear, recyclable, #6 plastic; Let it cool, peel off and discard the filter and contents, then recycle the cup
    • 24 capsules, Earl Grey Black Tea
    • Tea people will tell you that only fresh, loose leaf tea delivers ultimate taste; Great tea needs time for the rolled leaves to unfurl and give up their flavor
    • Only RealCup single serve cups have the Flavor Max filter, to give you maximum flavor in a single serve tea
    • Certifications: Kosher and Ethical Tea Partnership
    • Bergamia Grey - Loose Leaf Tea

      When there are emails to type and meetings to attend, sometimes you need a little pick me up. Bergamia Grey has hand plucked black and green teas folded with citrus, rose and Bergamot. It’s sweet and savory – it’s just what you need to stay smiling. Ingredients: Black Tea, Green Tea, Orange Peel, Natural Flavor, Rose Petals.

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1 Review

Brandy 16th Feb 2018

Great way to start the morning

Best grey I've found in a k cup. Has a deep complex flavor without being heavy. The floral notes are well balanced.

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